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In todays sophisticated digital age it is a relatively simple matter for unscrupulous individuals and/or companies to commission a website and begin trading within days. It has never been more important to ckeck the credentials of who you are doing business with by undertaiking relevent due-diligence checks. When using a company on the internet it is prudent to conduct relevent checks as to the suitability of the company or individual before you agree for them to provide the service, product you require from them. If you are elderly, you may wish to ask a family member or neighbor to undertake relevent checks on your behalf.

In todays online market-place, professional images and great copy can infer a level of competence that is not borne out by the service, product or finished job porovided.

As a small company utilising the power of online marketing and the benefits that provides to our business, we use the best design agencies and print companies available within our budget. Our web designers and printers will often use stock images to portray the type of work we undertake. Stock images are library images. Llibrary images may not reflect the quality, colour or style of the finished product "provided by us"! You should always ask us to provide you with sight of written customer references and or photographic evidence of works carried out by us for similar projects/customers in order to understand what you can reasonably expect.

Any company that is unwilling or unable to provide "validated references" should be avoided at all costs!

Should we, or any other company you engage, fall short of your expectations in our dealings with you, you should in the first instance inform us of the problem and mutually agree a timeline for any problem to be resolved to your complete satisfaction.

If you are still dissatisfied and have exhausted our rectification and complaints process, your next contact should be to your local Trading Standards Office who will take up the complaint on your behalf.

Please ask our agent for a copy of our complaints procedure.

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